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Hey. Hey. Hey. For those who checked my blog and wondered, “Hmm… why doesn’t he have any post since May?”

Well, there are few things. I had some school work that I needed to take care of. Also, I began writing for the website called Front Side Bus (check out my Nook Color review! and there’s also some family and personal side of things I had to take care of.

But now… It’s the end of June, school is all done and I’m ready to start write about the exciting field of technology again.

So here’s what will happen with the redesigned webpage…

  • I’ll post occasional news and rumors on this blog about 3 ~ 4 times a day, usually in the early evening/late afternoon. I’ll probably post some news/rumors (I’m thinking 2~3 a day) on Front Side Bus as well which I’ll link to in the afternoon round-up (more on that soon…)
  • At 7 PM PST in the afternoon, I’ll post a daily roundup of all tech news and significant rumors as well as some links to summarize the day as well as my quick thoughts about the day and links to my posts on Front Side Bus.
  • Daily Feature – “The Moment”: I’ll go through the one moment in a day that may have changed the tech world.
  • “My Bold, Cold, Bald Picks”: My prediction about what will happen tomorrow.
  • I’ll tweet pretty much through entire day and night so for more breaking news and rumors, follow me on Twitter! I’m @geekypark.
  • There will also be some weekly features:
  • Weekly Feature (Sunday) – Meta-Review! I’ll choose one hyped gadget a week and post a meta-review on it based on reviews from many different sites and sources, filtering things that you don’t need and getting a consensus on certain aspect of the device. Soon, meta-review will be the only review you’ll ever need for a gadget.
  • Weekly Features: Monday – Remember When? – Technology moves fast. Device becomes obsolete as quick as MySpace (Ha!). I’ll jump in to the time machine and look at gadgets that are forgotten in our minds, but provided us with many memories. (Runs first and third Monday; Troll Banished – Looking at flaws of typical message board trolls’ arguments (Runs second and fourth Monday).
  • Wednesday – My 2 Cents – Editorials about what’s going on in technology. Some editorials may publish in different dates if big events are happening or if I feel like my editorials will be obsolete by Wednesday.
  • Friday – ____________ and Tech – Explores how technology influences our lives. (Runs first and third Friday); What’s That? – Explains certain tech concepts/terms. (Runs second and fourth Friday; fifth Friday will have no features)
  • If you want to guest blog or have any thoughts on my articles or have some scoops, comment or e-mail me at

So, yeah, there will be a crazy amount of posts and features coming up. All coming starting this Tuesday…


Written by Geek Park

June 27, 2011 at 3:59 PM

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