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webOS slides leaked, phones launching in this fall?

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First of all, happy 4th of July! America’s 235th birthday! Now off to the news…

Guys at PreCentral got the confidential document from HP regarding webOS products, and it looks promising. According to the document, 64GB TouchPad will launch this August with a dual-core 1.5 Ghz processor from Qualcomm, used in Pantech’s Korean-only smartphone, Vega Racer. 64GB TouchPad will only be available in a “glossy white” version.

In a meanwhile, AT&T flavored TouchPad will be available in a black, 32GB version. Titled as “TouchPad 4G,” this TouchPad enables HSPA+ capability, which means the device can use AT&T’s faux-“4G” network. (Wonder what AT&T will call its LTE network? 4G+?)

In the Fall, we’ll see Pre3 and Opal, which is a 7-inch version of the TouchPad. Considering that Pre3 was slated to arrive this summer, a push back to the Fall is extremely disappointing both to consumers and the company as well. However, this has one positive effect of lengthening the lifespan of Pre 2.

The document also says that $ 499, 16GB version of TouchPad faces “extremely limited supply,” which is something we have heard from that other tablet as well,  and that retailers should push for the $ 599, 32GB version. However, given how people are reluctant to go over $ 500 for a tablet, it’s hard to see whether this can succeed. The document also says that all the accessories will only be advertised by HP until July 17th. Hopefully we’ll see some cool TouchStone ads… Not this one:







Written by Geek Park

July 4, 2011 at 9:57 AM

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