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Remember This?: MySpace!

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MySpace was famous around four years ago. I remember my old middle school friends almost forcing me to join MySpace. They asked me every day “Oh, John. You should get MySpace! It’s like totally cool.” So, I made one. What a mess it was.

Awful... Just awful

I didn’t like keeping a good care of my “homepage,” so I left it pretty much unchanged. But there was still a lot of mess. For instance, when I tried out new apps, MySpace automatically created a section for that specific app. This means plenty of “Truth Box”/”Best Friends” types of apps clogging up my homepage. In fact, the first thing about Facebook that I was impressed with was that it was so clean. All apps were tucked under little categories in the upper left corner. Center space of my window was reserved only for what my friends’ and I said or did. This meant a great deal for me who often writes long, and lot (In fact, that was the main reason I got a blog). On Facebook, people can see my thoughts and opinions clearer than on MySpace, where your activities and statuses competed with music players, annoying wallpapers and apps. I was also able to notice much more of my friends’ activities on Facebook than on MySpace because I got so distracted by shiny, colorful items on MySpace to actually finish reading my “news feed.”

When I actually visited other people’s’ page on MySpace… oh my God. No offense to many but some of them created sites for people with ADHD. Flashy backgrounds, loud heavy metal/hip-hop musics that auto played as soon as the page showed up, and many other elements bothered me so much that I did not even go to others’ pages for years. And it was slow as hell. Partly because of my old computer, but MySpace pages took close to a minute to load fully. MySpace mobile app, which thankfully had a better, cleaner interface that it had become my go-to app for social networking until I joined Facebook, was much faster, and more efficient than the actual desktop site.

When I joined Facebook, I remember being shocked about how fast everything is. My wall loaded up in less than ten seconds. I can go to my friends’ profiles without taking a minute break! Everything on Facebook was amazing.

I was a latecomer to Facebook, but Facebook seemed better than MySpace in every ways. Facebook was a lot faster, cleaner, and deeper. Lot of my friends thought too. Lot of others thought as well. My feed right now (which I had not visited for more than one and a half-year) is basically empty. Occasional posts are posted, but most of them are from Twitter or Facebook (I linked my Twitter for my MySpace about two years ago). Lot of other posts and updates are by bands that I am a “fan” of or by the White House. The last status update that I have seen from my friend was from 20 days ago.

MySpace has been gone through lots of overhauls in recent years, with its logo changes to its decision to allow people to log in from Facebook and Yahoo accounts (which signaled the end of long journey of MySpace, in my opinion), and its design changes. But it has become so unnoticed by the media that the news MySpace got sold for $ 35 million was barely a blip. In fact, for my Moment that day, I had IBM developing an instantaneous memory as my “Moment.” Bigger news of the day was that people can send out Google + invites to other people.

Now, it’s sold to the Simplify Media for $ 35 million, which is about 10 times less than what MySpace was bought for back in 2004 by News Corp. Its user base has been cut by more than a half, from 120 million to 50 million (most of them, like me, who are too lazy to delete their profiles) in the span of 3 years. MySpace’s staff, which at its peak was more than 1,600 employees, will be reduced to less than 100 employees by the end of this year. It seems like MySpace is stepping on the same road that Friendster went through and it’s hard to see how MySpace may bounce back. But just as we cheered for Facebook as an underdog, we do root for an underdog. Oh wait, there’s that thing by Google called Google + that’s better than MySpace and even Facebook in some regard? Never mind. I’m jumping ship to Google+.

P.S. Sad state of MySpace. You know what sites have more traffic than MySpace? YouPorn, CNET, Google Turkey, IMDB, Ask, Tumblr, etc. This was once the site that was the second most popular website in the U.S. back in 2006, even more popular than Google. Just sad.



Written by Geek Park

July 6, 2011 at 10:28 PM

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