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Daily Round-Up: Lucky 7! July 7th, 2011.

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7. 7. 7. 7. 7. 7. 7. Pretty good day for me too.

Anyway, off to the round-ups, you lucky people!

The Moment: Major ISPs give users “six strikes” for copyright infringements. It’s an interesting idea, and the move that everybody can really agree to. The idea is simple – Copyright holders will continue to look for copyright infringements on torrent sites and other sites on the Web. Major internet providers will continue to give their customers privacy so ISPs won’t have to supply copyright holders with information on copyright infringements unless the Court requires them to. In a meanwhile, copyright holders will “ping” ISPs with notice if they see users on the network downloading/uploading any copyrighted work without permissions. Users will get First and Second notice as a warning via e-mail that directs them to know more about the copyright issue. Users will get third and fourth notice the same way, except they will be in the more noticeable forms such as pop-up alerts. Fifth and sixth notice will bring “mitigation measures,” which include throttling, forcing violators to visit landing page that tells violators to settle the matter with the ISP and others. This doesn’t stop people from spoofing IP address, or jumping from ISP to another ISP to avoid any trouble with the violation. But if ISP can act in a reasonable way (they can’t cancel your internet service or prevent you from sending e-mails or consulting with doctors online so that’s a start), this can be a better way than suing the heck out of everyone to get money that they will probably never fully get to begin with.

“My Bold, Cold, Bald Picks”: This will increase piracy short-term, but will eventually lead to more reasonable relationships between content consumers and creators. Given that even reaching sixth strike has a light consequence, it’s not hard to imagine people moving more toward piracy since they don’t have to worry about getting sued by MPAAs and record companies. But in a more factual way, people who usually pirates software or contents separate into two groups: Those who actually buy a lot more content than those who don’t and those who are too poor to buy legal contents anyway. For the first group of people, one study revealed that people who pirates download 10 TIMES the amount of music downloaded by people who don’t pirate.  Piracy actually exposes people to more musics and artists, eventually pushing people to legally buy albums and singles of artists that they gave a listen via torrents.  For the second group of people, teens are main factors in piracy. It’s partly because they’re more tech-savvy but mainly because teens usually get a little allowance. A lot of teens have a very fickle musical taste and listen to songs that are “hot,” which changes almost every week. With little allowances that they have, they cannot buy all songs that they want to put on their iPods and iPhones. So what do they resort to? Piracy. Same thing applies to most of the contents that are pirated such as movies and games.

So, two groups of people who pirates are either those who will not buy legal contents, or those who already buy enough legal contents. This means content creators really have a little need to crack down on piracy. While I don’t advocate for the full-on legalization of piracy, relaxing on piracy probably will also cut the consumer backlash MPAAs and RIAAs of organizations get when they sue ordinary people for millions of dollars just because they uploaded couple songs.

Okay… running late here. Off to the links…:

Facebook Vibe seen, music service coming to Facebook? This really makes Facebook look like MySpace now.

Steve Ballmer will deliver CES 12 keynote. Perhaps with the sneak peek of Windows 8? Rumor says that Windows 8 will be  released next April anyway.

Apple loses “appstore” copyright lawsuit against Amazon. Judge declares Apples’ App Store not famous enough, or renowned, or prominent. App Store is not famous enough, and Kim Kardashian is?

Another Moment: Google Maps updated on Android, enables offline map viewing. Here goes TomTom and Garmin. (Maybe Garmin can try Nuvifone 2?)

Swype on iOS. Only if you are jailbroken. There’s a reason to try JailbreakMe.

iAD facing competition as competitors woo companies. Seriously though, million dollar fees to start iADs are way, way too high.

iPad HD coming this year, with Final Cut Pro and Aperture? I don’t know how fingers can do sensitive image editing work? Maybe they will have Mighty Mouse compatible with iPad soon? (iPad in Eee Pad Transformer form would be awesome, actually)

Virgin Mobile’s $ 25 unlimited data/text, 300 minutes plan will have a price hike to $ 35. Still one of best deals you can get if you’re using a smartphone. Especially when a competitive plan for Verizon costs close to $ 130.

App Store hits 15 billion downloads, and $ 2.5 billion given to developers. Android Market just hit 5 billion last week, so there’s your bar right there, Android.

Government arrests 15 people from Anonymous. Five of them are under 18. That’s some hot young IT prospects right there… In a meanwhile, AntiSec is hacking more organizations. This hacking spree just won’t stop!

Sony will include “PSN Pass” in first-party games, which links PSN account with the game CD. This bans people who bought used CDs to play online games, although I’m pretty sure people will find a way.

Investors accuse RIM of using the split of CEO/Chairman as a “stall tactic” to prevent them from suggesting more changes. The company is falling apart on the outside and on the inside.

In brief: Toshiba Thrive in stock for $ 430Verizon already controls 32% of iPhone 4 data usage in the U.S….Xoom may get Android 3.2 which nobody knows what it is (Ice Cream Sandwich should be 4.0)…SpongeBob Twitter Adventure! More cheaper iPhone rumorApple releasing Lion on July 14th?..2Pac Albums on iTunes!


Unlocked HD2 for $ 260, EVO 4G for $ 30 at Radio Shack… Fallout New Vegas for $ 10 at Best Buy…Fieldrunners HD for Android free on Amazon…FIFA 11 for $ 24, NCAA Football 12 with $ 20 gift card for $ 57 at Amazon…

4000 XBox Live points along with your Windows Phone for a penny…Samsung Bluetooth handset for $ 4 after $ 20 rebate…Refurbished Sandy Bridge Dell XPS desktop with 8GB of RAM, i7 CPU, and Radeon HD 5770 for $ 649…


Happy 7/7 day and good night!




Remember This?: MySpace!

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MySpace was famous around four years ago. I remember my old middle school friends almost forcing me to join MySpace. They asked me every day “Oh, John. You should get MySpace! It’s like totally cool.” So, I made one. What a mess it was.

Awful... Just awful

I didn’t like keeping a good care of my “homepage,” so I left it pretty much unchanged. But there was still a lot of mess. For instance, when I tried out new apps, MySpace automatically created a section for that specific app. This means plenty of “Truth Box”/”Best Friends” types of apps clogging up my homepage. In fact, the first thing about Facebook that I was impressed with was that it was so clean. All apps were tucked under little categories in the upper left corner. Center space of my window was reserved only for what my friends’ and I said or did. This meant a great deal for me who often writes long, and lot (In fact, that was the main reason I got a blog). On Facebook, people can see my thoughts and opinions clearer than on MySpace, where your activities and statuses competed with music players, annoying wallpapers and apps. I was also able to notice much more of my friends’ activities on Facebook than on MySpace because I got so distracted by shiny, colorful items on MySpace to actually finish reading my “news feed.”

When I actually visited other people’s’ page on MySpace… oh my God. No offense to many but some of them created sites for people with ADHD. Flashy backgrounds, loud heavy metal/hip-hop musics that auto played as soon as the page showed up, and many other elements bothered me so much that I did not even go to others’ pages for years. And it was slow as hell. Partly because of my old computer, but MySpace pages took close to a minute to load fully. MySpace mobile app, which thankfully had a better, cleaner interface that it had become my go-to app for social networking until I joined Facebook, was much faster, and more efficient than the actual desktop site.

When I joined Facebook, I remember being shocked about how fast everything is. My wall loaded up in less than ten seconds. I can go to my friends’ profiles without taking a minute break! Everything on Facebook was amazing.

I was a latecomer to Facebook, but Facebook seemed better than MySpace in every ways. Facebook was a lot faster, cleaner, and deeper. Lot of my friends thought too. Lot of others thought as well. My feed right now (which I had not visited for more than one and a half-year) is basically empty. Occasional posts are posted, but most of them are from Twitter or Facebook (I linked my Twitter for my MySpace about two years ago). Lot of other posts and updates are by bands that I am a “fan” of or by the White House. The last status update that I have seen from my friend was from 20 days ago.

MySpace has been gone through lots of overhauls in recent years, with its logo changes to its decision to allow people to log in from Facebook and Yahoo accounts (which signaled the end of long journey of MySpace, in my opinion), and its design changes. But it has become so unnoticed by the media that the news MySpace got sold for $ 35 million was barely a blip. In fact, for my Moment that day, I had IBM developing an instantaneous memory as my “Moment.” Bigger news of the day was that people can send out Google + invites to other people.

Now, it’s sold to the Simplify Media for $ 35 million, which is about 10 times less than what MySpace was bought for back in 2004 by News Corp. Its user base has been cut by more than a half, from 120 million to 50 million (most of them, like me, who are too lazy to delete their profiles) in the span of 3 years. MySpace’s staff, which at its peak was more than 1,600 employees, will be reduced to less than 100 employees by the end of this year. It seems like MySpace is stepping on the same road that Friendster went through and it’s hard to see how MySpace may bounce back. But just as we cheered for Facebook as an underdog, we do root for an underdog. Oh wait, there’s that thing by Google called Google + that’s better than MySpace and even Facebook in some regard? Never mind. I’m jumping ship to Google+.

P.S. Sad state of MySpace. You know what sites have more traffic than MySpace? YouPorn, CNET, Google Turkey, IMDB, Ask, Tumblr, etc. This was once the site that was the second most popular website in the U.S. back in 2006, even more popular than Google. Just sad.


Written by Geek Park

July 6, 2011 at 10:28 PM

Daily Round-Up: Evening Edition, June 28th, 2011.

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Let’s begin… with “THE MOMENT:”



Google just launched Google+ (as well as its Android app) today and it’s something that can definitely compete with Facebook. The primary selling point is its “Circle” feature, which is like Facebook’s group feature but done in a more user-friendly and less time-consuming way. Google also integrated RSS feed/Google Reader with the “Spark” feature, which allows sharing an easy task. One feature that’s not on Facebook is the “Hangout” feature, which is basically like a UStream integrated into Skype. It enables you to video chat with your followers while other users can watch the video chat and add their own comments on the chat area. Mobile web apps are available for iOS and Android, while native app is available for Android only for now. (For more, check Engadget’s hands-on)

It seems like the point of Google+ is to integrate Google’s many social features such as Google Reader, GMail, and Google Buzz as well as Google Talk into the one, unified, elegant system. UI, from the looks of it, looks elegant and easy to use which is unbelievable for Google’s products (Google did hire an original Mac designer) and despite its “beta” label, Google+ seems to work without a hitch.

“The Prediction”: The question remains, will anyone move away from Facebook? Despite that it’s losing some users in the U.S., Facebook has 750 million users, which makes Facebook third-biggest country in terms of population. You can argue that MySpace was unassailable as well but MySpace only had about 200 million users at its peak in 2008. Facebook has entered our pop culture lexicons (partly due to the excellent movie “Social Network”) and remains as a pop culture phenomenon even seven years after its launch. Do I think Google have what it takes? Absolutely. The UI is elegant and Google did everything that it really can (short of stealing everyone’s private data). But do I think people will move away from addicting Facebook? That’s really an impossible thing to do with all the Facebook games and apps that bites off our precious time  (I doubt we’ll see Farmville for Google +) not to mention that there’s more people on Facebook than on GMail (which has around 200 million users) .

Now for the evening round-up of links and news…:

Android landline phone launching in South Korea. Umm… finally?

Another analyst says 30 million iPads will be sold this year. With shortages of supplies, I don’t know whether that’s believable. BTW, that’s about double the number of all Macs that the analyst predicted will be sold in this year.

Apple becomes the biggest buyer of memory according to iSuppli. Second? HP.

Google Takeout, another service launched without much fanfare, ables you to grab data from various websites at once

iOS is more secure than Android according to Symantec. But hey, Android is more secure than the PC!

Half a million Android devices are activated daily, 66% increase over the span of 6 months.

Anonymous, who call themselves as “Legion,” hacks Universal Music and Viacom. Seriously though, people who suffered the most during PSN hack were you and me. Don’t we all want this to stop to prevent any more of OUR information from leaking? Where’s the government?

In Brief: Sony’s CEO Sir Howard takes a 16% pay cutGoogle hires prosecutor in the Microsoft antitrust case to defend against antitrust allegations‘Apollo’ will be the codename for WP7 release after the release of ‘Tango‘ (FWIW, my next guess for the Android codename after Ice Cream Sandwich is “jellybeans”)…Verizon rejecting all Gingerbread updates to Motorola devices because Motorola makes Awful, Awful updates?











Written by Geek Park

June 28, 2011 at 10:27 PM

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