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Nook Color pushes the sale of Nook over Kindles, Amazon frowns.

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A study by IDC revealed that tablets’ sale actually decreased in the early part of 2011. This is due to the short supply of iPad 2 as well as the early March launches for iPad 2 and Android tablets, which had forced some consumers to wait until those tablets came out. However, IDC projected a stronger Tablet market for the year as iPad 2’s supply fills up and competing Android tablets drop in price. The research company actually increased its projection of tablet sales for 2011 from 50.4 million to 53.5 million Tablets.

Sales of E-readers are also increasing by 24 percent year-to-year to 16.2 million, with 3.3 million sold in the first quarter, although the figure is even lower than the figure of Tablets sold in 2010, which clocked in at 19.5 million. Device that’s spearheading E-readers’ growth also is something that blurs the line of Tablets and E-readers: Nook Color. Analysts at IDC said color-based Nook helped Barnes & Noble win the e-reader sales for the first quarter of 2011. With 3 million Nook Color sold in just 4 months, it’s no surprise really. New touch E-ink based Nook Simple Touch should help B&N extend the lead, as there’s little in horizon for Amazon until its release of Hollywood/Coyote tablets in the fall.

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