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Daily Round-Up!: June 28, 2011 – Afternoon Edition

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Here’s all the links, news and rumors you need to get through the end of your day.

Consumer Report says T-Mobile’s G2X beats iPhone 4 in camera testing. I guess it’s time for “Consumer Report is biased!” or another improved-camera on the  iPhone 5 rumor. FWIW, Atrix and Thunderbolt also bested iPhone 4 in the same test as well.

Microsoft Office 365, which is a workplace version of Microsoft Office Web Apps, launches at the rate of $ 6 ~ 27 a month, which is much more than $ 0 that Google charges for Google Docs. You can look at comparisons of two products here.

Google + revealed! Circles! Squares! Groups! Apps! Yay! Google also tries its hand at unifying its expansive product portfolio with wdyl (What do you love?)

Upgrades Vaio Z costs $ 1,899… And we thought Samsung Series 9 (at $ 1,500) was expensive.

Dish buys Terrestar, company that went bankrupt about a month after releasing its FIRST smartphone.

Windows Phone 8 to be named Tango? No hardware buttons (which seem to be a trend, BTW) in Mango phones? (Well, you do need the power button… Only way you can turn on the phone without the button involves unicorn tears and extra magic)

DRAM prices are falling by the wayside, dropping 6% this month. In a meanwhile, DDR3 will remain a leading standard for RAM for three more years, iSuppli reports so no worry, upgraders..

Apple releases $ 49 Thunderbolt data transfer cable. USB 3.0 Data transfer cable, FYI, costs $ 4.

Upgrade to Motorola’s XPRT/Droid Pro coming soon, with Gingerbread?

Glasses-free 3D for $ 179! Hooray! Wait, but 3DS cost $ 249 and can do much more than this PMP… but this PMP does have a great 8-inch screen.  Interest for 3DS has declined by 27% in the course of a year, BTW.

Google to face a 295 million euro (that’s $ 422 million) lawsuit over anti-competitive practices. That’s a huge chunk of money for me and you, but a small chunk of money for Google which has close to $ 6 billion on hand




Can Pac 12 create a Web-based network partnered with Google (Google’s owners are Stanford grads) or Apple?

12% of U.S. population has an e-reader while 8% of U.S. population has a tablet; 3% have both. Surely the low price point of Kindles and Nooks contributed. But does Nook Color count as an e-reader or a tablet? 

Windows 8 manufacturing by April? Time to upgrade again, I guess…. Here’s Microsoft’s big push toward the tablet market

NVidia announces GTX 570M and 580M, which will be included in Alienware’s M18x as well as MSI GT780R. Both has Optimus, which means you can surf the Web for five hours even with those power-munching graphic cards. I’m pretty sure the price of laptops with those GPU’s will be somewhere around eleventy billion.

In brief: Gameloft releases its second-half 2011 lineup, still filled with copy-catsNook Color gets location-aware Angry Birds, beating Nokia, although Angry Birds for Nook Color still costs $ 3…FCC says wireless industry is competitive, guess that it didn’t see Verizon’s new tiered data plans….Google Testing Flash to HTML5 converter called Swifty, although it won’t convert Flash games or videos as much of HTML5 proponents would’ve hoped for Opera with Ver. 11.5, without those lovely potato ads (will benchmark Opera 11.5 against Chrome 12 soon)… Thunderbird 5 launches with Tab-dragging, add-ons management and other enhancements.

For your deals of the day…: Sensation unlocked for $ 479! Droid Charge for $ 129 for new customers! (originally $ 299)

ASUS Transformer 32GB + Earphones + 8GB Micro SD Card for $ 499! 8GB RAM for $ 45 After rebate! Noise canceling headset for $ 10!

Galaxy Tab 32GB for $ 529, $ 70 off! Viewsonic GTablet for $ 250 on Woot!

If deals are not on the page, go to the next page.










Written by Geek Park

June 28, 2011 at 4:00 PM

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