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Nook Color Hands-On! (Without pictures)

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I finally got Nook Color, and everything has acceded my expectation for a cheap $ 250 tablet. Except lags and few touch sensitivity issue. Although I updated my Nook to Android 2.2, when I type or ever try to tap on something, it seems to have a very high sensitivity (even when I don’t touch anything, input sometimes register). Also, it seems to trail my typing speed by about half-second or so, which should be improved with rooting. There’s few quirks that I never saw on any other Android device, such as not having a multitouch. However, screen is great with vivid colors, browser is a breeze, flash works REALLY well, and most importantly, the device works very well as an e-book reader that it’s supposed to be, with fast page turns and animations that enhances, not distracts, the reading. I will make further observations as I’ll try to use stock version for about a week before rooting the device. (text selection on this device also feels awful even compared to my old iPod Touch. I have to tap repeatedly to edit text compared to tap and hold method used in iOS, which may be an Android thing) For now though, it looks like a keeper.


Written by Geek Park

May 17, 2011 at 10:12 PM

Posted in android, hands-on!

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