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Angry Birds on Chrome Hands-on!

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Angry Birds is now on the Web! Yes, that’s right. Rovio just announced today that Angry Birds will now be on Chrome App Store. Even though I think this game is bit overrated (Angry Birds Movie?), being as the good of a game as it is, we took the game for a spin.

The game just looks good as it’s in smartphones and tablets, and even allow for SD/HD switch. SD is the version you see in smartphones, while HD is the version you see in tablets (HD, therefore, takes up more screen estate and looks better than the SD version). However, only computers with GPU that has a support for hardware acceleration will be able to play the HD version.

The game doesn’t feature any new level, although there’s Chrome-specialized levels playable after clearing World 1. However, we have not been able to get to those since A. I suck at playing Angry Birds and B. there seem to be bugs that prevents user from advancing even after killing all pigs.

One other annoyance we found was that when we tried to switch out of Angry Birds to view other tabs, Angry Birds seemed to crash. Hopefully, Rovio fixes those issues before brining more levels (21 + 10 levels are not good enough) to the game.

PS. Sorry for grainy pictures. Damn you, snipping tool.


Written by Geek Park

May 11, 2011 at 8:07 PM

Posted in hands-on!

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