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Barnes & Noble Releasing New E-Reader/Tablet May 24th.

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Nook Color has been an astounding success for Barnes & Noble, shipping more than 3 million units this 4 months alone (Which puts it at the best-selling Android-based tablet, and second-best selling tablets overall behind iPad). The device also have served as a huge platform boost for Nook ecosystem, long been second to Amazon’s Kindle platform, with Nook e-readers (both e-ink and LCD-version) now reaching a quarter of all e-reader market. With Froyo update by B&N just last week, Nook Color became even more capable, offering apps such as Angry Birds, full e-mail app, and even Flash. So, as improved software goes, improved hardware follows. According to MarketWatch, Barnes & Noble told analysts today that it will release new eBook Reader on May 24. While Nook Color’s price (and infinite rootability) was the main reason the device sold like hotcakes, it seems like B&N is trying to move into a premium market, perhaps to combat the release of Amazon tablet this fall. One analyst suggests that B&N may release a Honeycomb tablet, along with better hardware and higher price than what the current Nook Color commands. Of course, it’s also possible that B&N is releasing a successor to Nook Color, at same price but with better hardware. Or it can just be a cheaper, faster version of e-ink based Nook, perhaps to combat Amazon’s $ 115 price for the Kindle (albeit sponsored). Anyway, we’ll keep a very close attention to this development as the month goes on.



Written by Geek Park

May 4, 2011 at 9:12 PM

Posted in android, tablets

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