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Samsung Developing Its Own IM Client?

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According to JoongAng Daily, Samsung official is heard saying that the company is considering installing its own version of IM client on its “Social Hub” app, featured prominently in Galaxy S and Galaxy S II.  Just as in Blackberry Messenger (although RIM definitely wants to spread BBM to other platforms), article says the client will only work with Samsung devices, all 14 million of them.  Sheer popularity of KakaoTalk in Korea as well as other IM clients internationally is a primary reason for the move, although it’s unknown how this will affect the relationship between Samsung and carriers. Nevertheless, this shows how Samsung is trying to make a push in software area as well, as it’s been doing with Bada OS. Yet, with lot of cross-platform IM clients out there, we are not sure whether this will truly be successful, but who knows?



Written by Geek Park

April 30, 2011 at 9:31 PM

Posted in android

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